The NE 130th St Infill Station for Sound Transit’s Lynnwood Link Extension will add additional service to North Seattle residents once complete. Explore this site for information about the station design and share feedback on design elements.

Aerial View of NE 130th Street Infill Station. Click image link to view a full-size PDF.
Aerial View of NE 130th Street Infill Station | Click to enlarge image (PDF)

In 2016 voters approved the addition of a light rail station to the Lynnwood Link Extension at NE 130th St. The new station will serve a growing residential neighborhood between the Northgate and Shoreline South/145th stations and would be built within the existing Lynnwood Link Extension line. More information about the NE 130th St Infill Station and the overall Lynnwood Link project background and history can be found on Sound Transit’s project page or below.

Once complete we estimate the NE 130th St Infill Station will experience approximately 3,400 daily boardings with access to Westlake Station in 15 minutes and SeaTac/Airport Station in 53 minutes.

We are excited to share the latest station design and hear your feedback!

Below are the latest design drawings of the NE 130th St Infill station. This is going to be your station and we hope you take a moment to share your thoughts. Your comments will be shared with the project team as it continues to develop these designs, as well as the Sound Transit Board as it works to realign system-wide project delivery based on depleted revenue due to the COVID pandemic.

map of the project area. Click map link to view a full-size PDF map.
Click to enlarge map (PDF)

Station design

We’re excited to share renderings of the NE 130th St Infill Station. Take a look!

Station design

Station features

Now share your thoughts!

Station design

Station art

The Sound Transit Art Program (STart) develops works of public art in and around our stations to help them fit within the surrounding communities and make them inviting and comfortable places.

STart features artworks by nationally known artists as well as emerging public artists. Many live in the Pacific Northwest. Their work represents a diverse range of style, scale and perspective that creates welcoming and engaging places.

ST LLE - 130th Infill - 077-027-001 - Station art feedback

1. As the STart works with artists to develop public art, we like to give them a very thorough introduction to the neighborhoods surrounding our stations.
2. STart also asks the artists we work with to imagine how their work help make our stations inviting places

What’s next?

After this online open house ends, we will compile your feedback into a summary that we will share on the project listserv. If you haven’t already, please consider signing up for the Lynnwood Link Extension and NE 130th Street Infill Station listservs.

We will share the refined design to you and your neighbors early next year as the NE 130th Street Infill Station design approaches 90%.

In the meantime, you are welcome to reach out to us at any time!

My Nguyen
Community Outreach Specialist

Photo of station art at Northgate Station, depicting a green darner dragonfly on a panel of glass.
The art at Northgate was inspired by the green darner dragonfly - the official insect of Washington state.

Lynnwood Link Extension Project overview

The Lynnwood Link Extension extends light rail into Snohomish County, serving four stations, Shoreline South/145th, Shoreline North/185th, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood City Center, and the NE 130th St Infill station. Upon opening in 2024, riders will enjoy fast, frequent and reliable service between south Snohomish County and the University of Washington, downtown Seattle, the Eastside, Sea-Tac Airport and more.

Construction of the Lynnwood Link Extension is now underway. This is a major milestone to bringing light rail to north Seattle, Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood by 2024!

Learn more on the project website.

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My Nguyen
Community Outreach Specialist